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December 2014


Merry Christmas  



Cadillac History:


"It is a road tester's cliché to describe in dazzled awe the Splendid Sensations of Driving a Cadillac-and yet the cars silence, responsiveness, and sheer comfort exist and must be recognized"  So the adman barked of the new 1965's. It must have worked.

The three millionth car was built on November 4, 1965 and production for 1965 was 181,435 cars. 





Did you know you can NOW read the Tailfin right here?!!

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Get them while they Last!

Doug has ten commemorative t-shirts left over from the 33rd Annual BOPC Show. These are white, heavy-duty shirts with the logo on the front and the large BOPC graphic on the reverse. He has only XL and XXL remaining. These sold for $20 at the show, but can be had for $10 until they run out. Just give Doug a call, or send him a check made out to Peach State CLC.




  Events For The Month Of December 2014 





First Friday Cruise-In, Downtown Canton GA (On Going)

Get ready for Canton's Downtown celebration, called "First Friday," which gets rolling around 4:30 PM on June 6th. They block off downtown Canton and have a street fair with lots of classic cars. Food, cars, friends, free time to hang out and talk the talk. 

May's First Friday was really great. But June 6 could be the biggest and best ever, with the combination of show cars and beautiful bikes.  Activities Director Tom Di Nucci said, "I believe if the weather holds this will be the best one ever! Great food, music and a fun family night out." 

Due to the large crowd expected, we are asking anyone who would like to show their vehicle to get there by 4:30 and to please stay til 9:00 PM. With large groups of people walking the streets, it's the only way to keep things safe. The Hoagie Shop will be open until 8:00 that evening, so bring the family and come on down (or UP)!





2014 December



 "Fall" Driving Tour - Christmas at the Biltmore -December 5, 6 & 7 Fri, Sat and Sunday

 Our tour is being hosted this year by the Allante Club. Paula Vopelak, who is tending to the reservations, tells me we have NOT been good about booking our reservations. I know there's been a LOT going on, but the deadline for registering was YESTERDAY!!! Paula and the gang will be forgiving if we act immediately! Please download the two pdf flyers and fill the registration form out. You will not want to miss this special driving event, and the Biltmore should be splendid heading into the Christmas season. Deadlines for room reservations and payments are in the flyer, and they are CLOSE! So please do not delay. Make your reservations today!

 Fall Driving Tour to Asheville and the Biltmore estates. We will join about 14 of Peach State’s Allante' folks for this three-day, two night tour. The decorations should be out for this holiday season, and it will be beautiful!   


Hotel rates have significantly gone up for the Asheville area, but the group is working to get the best rates. The Residences of Biltmore are $179/night (group rate). We are also working with the Biltmore Group Sales for hotel rooms. We may use Grey Line tours for shuttle buses. 


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  Questions? Call Paula Vopelak (404) 788-6121   




The 22nd Annual Peach State Christmas Banquet
& Introductions of New Officers

Saturday, December 13th; Festivities will start at 11:
30 AM



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Fayetteville Christmas Parade

Downtown Christmas Parade/Tree Lighting and 
Free Carriage Rides with Santa

Parade at 5:00 p.m.

Tree Lighting festivities starts at 6:00 p.m.

Carriage Rides with Santa - 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Heritage Park at the "Lane Brown Gazebo"





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This Month's Picture Gallery Car's Belong To:

Bill Marsh

1958 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car 1 of 1!

Bills says of his latest purchase;

Actually I was looking on eBay for an Autronic eye for the Biarritz and found this.

It is a frame off restoration, Senior car grand prize winner AACA, incredible restoration. But a mechanical fuel pump and it vapor locked as we were coming back. Also has a bad shimmy, so off to the alignment shop as soon as they opened the next day.

This is the only 1958 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car in the world. 

Watch for this rare Cadillac Professional Car at an upcoming event the year!





A Big WELCOME to Our Newest Peach State CLC Members!


Look WHOOO Just Joined!


David Smith, Dunwoody: '15 CTS-V, '11 CTS, '02 STS (August, 1 year)

David Trees 

Mark and Sharon Anthony: ’69 CDV, ’88 CDV, ’04 SDV (July, Stone Mtn, 3 years)

Richard Stewart, ’07 STS-V (July Birmingham AL, 3 years)

  Phil and Danielle Maddox: ’55 Buick Roadmaster (June, Woodstock, 3 years)

John Brejcha: ’57 62 convertible, ’93 Fleetwood (May, Milton)

     Rory and LuLu O’Neill: '78 Eldorado, '05 DTS (May, Roswell, 3 years)

        David Wall: ’71 Eldo convert, ’55 60 Spec, three combo ‘56 ‘70, ’73, ’76 Eldo conv (May, Clarksville, 3 years)  

John and Shirley Fleming, ’68 Deville convertible (April, Calhoun Falls, SC)  

     Emerson Head, ’65 SDV, ’76 Brougham, ’92 Brougham (March, New York City)   

Miller and Jennifer Parnell, ’57 CDV (February, Anniston AL)  

      Peach State CLC Members That Joined In 2014!

·         Torsten and Allison Bensch, Atlanta

·         Miller and Jennifer Parnell, Anniston, AL

·         Donnie Bentley, Decatur

·         Emerson Head, NYC

·         Doug Browne and Xin Gao, Atlanta

·         John and Shirley Fleming, Calhoun Falls, SC

·         David Wall, Clarksville

·         Rory and LuLu O’Neill, Roswell

·         John and Karen Brejcha, Milton

·         Phil and Danielle Maddox, Woodstock

·         Richard Stewart, Birmingham, AL

·         Lewis and Vickie Kelly, Montgomery, AL

·         Cortez and Clara Law, Canton

·         Mark and Sharon Anthony, Stn Mountain

·         David and Elja Trees, Lawrenceville

·         David Smith, Dunwoody

·         Mike and Michelle Anderson, Dalton

·         Scott Albertson, Smyrna

·         Mike Theis, Atlanta

I need pictures and a small write up y'all for the Picture Gallery! Web Ed.......




Ever wonder about the history of
The Peach State Cadillac and LaSalle Club? 

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Send me an email with picture(s) and a small description of your car and I will post it here on the web site.

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Tips about Tires  

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By Bob Winchell and Doug Bailey




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Club Business & Memberships

Welcome to our New Board Members and Thank You for volunteering your time!


News from Martina Butler, our Board Director!
July 2014

 The Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. held their National Board Meeting
 January 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ
Our interests were represented by National Board Director, Martina Butler.

To read Martina's report please use the link below;
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Now, Follow Us On Twitter!


Join "The Local Peach State Chapter of the CLC"!

Annual dues are $25.00 – or you may pay a discounted rate of $65.00 for three years.

We accept PayPal or send a check made payable to; Peach State CLC.  

Pay your membership dues by using your PayPal account! No more paper checks and postage! 

Here’s how:

1. Log into your PayPal account. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover your dues payment. Select Send Money.

2. Enter the club’s email address: There’s an underline between words in that address.

3. Enter the amount you want to send ($25 for one year or $65 for three years).

4. Hit Continue to send it... You can add a note to the club if you want.

Our membership Director will send you confirmation of receipt of your dues payment by email!

To print the membership application / renewal form, please click the link: and send it back with your check. If you cannot print the form, please let us know and Buster will mail you one.

Payment should be sent to the address below:

Buster Miller
Peach State CLC Membership Director
1464 Tibbs Bridge Road
Chatsworth, GA 30705
H: (706) 264-9558


Join "The National Chapter of the CLC"!


Membership in the national club is required. The Cadillac & LaSalle Club pays for insurance to cover regions like ours during sanctioned events. CLC also offers one of the best glossy monthly collector auto magazines anywhere, The Self Starter. CLC provides an online forum for parts searches and technical support. And membership is required if you ever want to join us for a Grand National in various parts of the U.S.  Dues for the national club are $55.00 per year, for first class mailings of The Self Starter. This first-class fee also gets you immediate access to the online version of the magazine if you live within the U.S. (You can receive the second class mailing of The Self Starter for $40.00 per year, but without internet access; it will arrive a few days later. This is a popular option, unless you need immediate access to those parts and auto sale listings!)

Please visit for an immediate on-line application using VISA, MC, Discover or PayPal. Or, you can print and send a paper application to:

Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 360835 
Columbus, Ohio 43236-0835  

Please advise Buster Miller, Peach State CLC Membership Director, as soon as you receive your new CLC member number!  



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Now that the elections are over with, we want to Welcome all our 'New' board members and give a big heart felt Thank You to all the out going board. This Club would not exist, nor survive and thrive as it does without all their hard work and time. The new board will be updated here shortly.

Thank You!



Peach State Cadillac & LaSalle Club Board of Directors


Doug Bailey
770-992-8394 H


Communications Director

  Annette and Ron Benneche

Vice President

Kevin Garrison

 CLC National Board Director & Corresponding Secretary

 Martina Butler
678-643-0187 C 


Membership Director

Buster Miller
706-712-5422 W
706-264-9558 C



Sandy Partridge
770-402-5181 H



Web Site

Lewis Schwartz

Activities Directors

Tom and Linda Di Nucci 

Editor of the TAILFIN

Bill Rush


Sandy Barth

Activities Committee

Terry Bird
Jimmy Dorsey
Vince Haaland
Jimmy Jones
Stan Tucker
Mary Jean and Lee Dunn 


Cadillac Clinic Advisors
Emerson Duke

Bob Winchell

Jay Friedman  

Save this email in your address book to receive correspondence from the Club!


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